Daniel Radcliffe talked about how tough it is to be a Lions fan on Thanksgiving with Seth Meyers.

Why would Harry Potter care about the Lions you ask? Well his girlfriend, Erin Darke is from Flint, so he has witnessed many years of Lions heartbreak.

Radcliffe might not be a lifelong Lions fan, considering he just started watching American Football in the last 10 years. However, he summed up what being a Lions fan is all about during the interview.

I feel like there's a certain . . . heartbreak is part of being a Lions fan


So let's just put some context on this. Harry Potter thinks that heartbreak is part of being a Lions fan. Harry knows a few things about heartbreak, let's run down the list.

  • Parents killed when he was a baby
  • Permanent scar on his forehead
  • Grew up living in a broom closet underneath the stairs.
  • Multiple attempts on his life (every movie) by Voldemort
  • Finally wins, only after every relative he has is dead.

This is the guy who can identify with what it feels like to be a Lions fan.

It makes perfect sense.

For those of you who are going to correct me by saying that Daniel Radcliffe is real and Harry Potter is just a character, save your breath. I'm one of the Potter nerds from way back, so there's no talking to me about it.

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