What a year so far for "Sky Gazers".  It was only a few weeks ago we got a decent look at the Northern Lights without having to go any further north.  These days I'm always amazed when we are able to see anything with all the light created by the cities we're in.  When I was 10, I had a choice between a microscope and a telescope.  I chose the telescope and dashed any hopes of being a rich scientist or doctor.  I still have it but might not even need it.  We might be able to see something pretty cool with a minimum of magnification.

In an article on wzzm13.com, Jupiter will be so close in the month of June that you might be able to see it's moons with just binoculars.  According to NASA, Jupiter, our solar system's biggest planet, will be it's biggest and brightest in June and will be visible even to the naked eye rising at dusk.  Not only might you see moons but also it's iconic Red Spot!  Check out more by clicking HERE.




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