I'm one of those people who hasn't seen the Northern Lights in all their glory.  In fact, I've never seen them at all.  Friends and family have raved about seeing them in the U.P., Canada and Alaska saying you can almost reach out and touch them.  Maybe someday we'll take the trip up north and see for ourselves.  As it turns out, we may not have to travel at all to see them; even if it's just a glimpse.

In an article on wxyz.com, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA has revealed that even here in Kalamazoo we might be able to see some of the Northern Lights starting on Wednesday the 15th.  More specifically, the department with one of the coolest names ever, the Space Weather Prediction Center says that a geometric storm watch is in effect this week due to Coronal Mass Ejection Events.  Wait...are we still talking about the Northern Lights???


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