Faith No More keyboardist Roddy Bottom said he used to feel “a little bit dirty” about touring without new music to support – but he doesn’t feel that way anymore.

He said that, despite his report in late 2018 that material was being written, their upcoming live shows were unlikely to include anything new. He also said the band regarded its 2020 live activities as a continuation of support for the 2015 album Sol Invictus.

“There’s no plans right now to record any new music,” Bottom told Kerrang! in a new interview. “There’s no plans at all. I think we’re all at an age, or at a time in our lives, where looking back at what we’ve done is a profound place to be. I’m super-proud of what we’ve done in a way that I haven’t been before. I think maybe some years ago it did feel a little bit dirty, like we were taking advantage of the world by just going out there and playing old songs, but for whatever reason I’m in a different place with that right now. I think our legacy speaks for itself in the way the world is right now. It’s refreshing and it’s appropriately provocative to throw ourselves into the world again. It’s a good example of eccentric leftism, if you will.”

He added that he and his bandmates were in agreement about their current mission. “I think all of us were at the point collectively where we felt like what we had done five years ago in reforming, and the subsequent recording and touring of [Sol Invictus], was an unfinished task,” Bottom said. “There were places that we didn’t go, things we didn’t do and ways that we would have liked to perform but hadn’t. The option to do it again was still there, but it kind of took us a while to get our head around how we wanted to do it and what the impetus for going forward was.”

Faith No More’s current tour schedule includes dates in the U.K. and Europe from June 10 until July 11.


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