You don't have to be a Juggalo to enjoy these fun Faygo concoctions, but if you are that is cool too. Faygo has been a part of Michigan culture since it was founded in Detroit by Ben and Perry Feigenson in 1907.

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To this day Faygo continues to be a crowd-pleaser. What is your favorite flavor? Or should I ask what are your favorite Faygo flavors - how can anyone just pick one when there are over fifty flavors to choose from?

I have had cocktails in my day that include Faygo as a mixer. I have even previously enjoyed Faygo-flavored ice cream at the Fenton Fire Hall. That being said, I had no idea you could make Faygo-flavored sauces. How cool is that? Say goodbye to ketchup and mustard, there is a new condiment in town and you can find out how to make it in a video below.

As a matter of fact, there are seven videos below featuring Faygo-inspired drinks and treats. From Faygo Red Pop Cake Pops to Faygo Sangria - you will be ready to wow your party guests. Believe me, if I am confident I can prepare these Faygo creations, you certainly can too.

If all else fails and you don't succeed with these Faygo recipes, Faygo Tonic does pair well with vodka - and it is really easy to make. If for some reason this drink is too tricky for you, call me - I will be happy to come over and help.

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