You have have seen recently that Faygo has partnered with an ice cream parlor in the Detroit area to create, what is probably the most anticipated thing in Michigan, since this year's Lions pick in the NFL Draft.

If you're just catching up, I refer you to the following Instagram post from @trevorbozeman...

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Yeah... pretty epic. Beginning on Friday, June 17th, Browndog Barlor and Restaurant will offer six flavors of Faygo Ice Cream: Unicorn Swirl, Choc & Rye, Groovy Grape, Motown Jam, Citrus Mist, and Peaches & Cream. All will be available by the pint, or the scoop.

Seems like a perfect pairing, right?

I mean, I JUST moved to Michigan, I'm JUST dipping my toe into the world of Faygo pop, and now there's ICE CREAM for it. Why hasn't Faygo been turned into dessert like this before?

Answer: It HAS!

More than a century ago, Russian immigrants Ben and Perry Feigenson moved to the Detroit area as bakers, and used unique flavors to create their cake frosting. Yep, that sugary goodness in a can (and bottle) we drink today is basically liquified cake frosting... which make sense when you take your first sip of a Faygo. But how did it go from Cake Frosting, to Pop?  

The original flavors of frosting lent themselves to become drinkable - Fruit Punch, Strawberry, and Grape). In 1907, they turned their frosting flavors into "Pop" (because of the sound the bottles made when the cap was removed), and began delivering door to door.

In 1921, things finally culminated, and the Feigenson Brothers shortened their company name to "Faygo," and the rest is Juggalo history.

So yeah, the Faygo Ice Cream is going to be amazing, and I FULLY intend on buying at least a pint of each flavor myself. But now I gotta wonder... when are we getting that OG throwback of Faygo Frosting? It would complete my Faygo-themed birthday party later this year.

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