It's always unfortunate when a popular staple in the community closes, and one such business is, unfortunately, facing that decision. Go! Ice Cream located at 10 N Washington St, in Ypsilanti, MI has made the tough decision that after 10 years of serving the community, they'll be forced to close.

This decision wasn't an easy one to make in terms of what they mean to the community, but the sad truth is they've been bleeding money since they first opened, and by not cutting any corners, stiffing employees, or cheapening ingredients they've unfortunately put themselves in $100,000 debt, as they recently made public:

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Dearest Go! community, it is with a heavy heart and hopeful spirit that I share the news that I have made the agonizing decision to close the girl ice cream alley store indefinitely. Our last day will be Sunday, October 15. We will be open 12 to 9 Monday through Saturday and 12 to 6 on Sundays for these next two weeks. I hope you will stop by for scoops, smiles, and high-fives, and support us as we send our beautiful dream into the sunset and give our staff time to find other employment.

Owner Robb Hess has opened up on the Go! page to explain that it wasn't just the financial situation that led to this decision, but that there has been a lot of personal change over the last 10 years, and in a way, not necessarily for the better.

Hopefully, he can rebound from his current situation and find success in his next venture in life.

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