I love Jimmy Johns; especially for the fresh bread but also the fresh vegetables they put on the sandwiches.  For the record, my favorite it #14 The Bootlegger with cheese and I might have to run out right now and get one.  However, with the knowledge I've just acquired, I might have to pass for a while.

According to fox2detroit.com, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said they, along with the centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state and local officials, have investigated several outbreaks of E. coli or salmonella that have been directly linked to the Jimmy John’s sandwich chain.  Yesterday, the FDA released a warning letter directed at the chain alleging the company sold vegetables linked with five outbreaks in the past seven years, without taking any of the proper safety precautions to address the issue.  The FDA said franchised Jimmy John’s restaurants engaged in a pattern of receiving and offering for sale adulterated fresh produce, specifically clover sprouts and cucumbers. The pathogens associated with these outbreaks are Shiga toxin producing E. coli (STECs) and Salmonella.

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