You know, that wedge of dirty snow that collects between your tire and the body of your car in the winter? Is there a name for that? There should be.

There's such satisfaction in kicking them off your car. In fact, I've been told some people will go out of their way to kick the stalactites of snow off other people's cars. You know what I'm talking about, right? They're not exactly icicles, but they kind of look like it. That mass of dirty snow that builds up in the wheel well of your car..What exactly is that name for that anyway? In Michigan, we have a lot of names.

It's hard to pick a favorite from the list, but I really like "fenderbergs." Like an iceberg, you only see the tip because much of the snow is hidden in the wheel well. "Shark tooth" is quite descriptive of the shape, and "shlump" is the sound they make when they fall off. "Snirt" is a portmanteau of snow and dirt. I will never not laugh at "snow boogers," or "tire snot." Many creative and hilarious names were suggested from all over the Midwest, where we know winter.

  1. Chunkers
  2. Crud
  3. Crudcicle
  4. Dingleberries
  5. Fenderbergs
  6. Goobers
  7. Hitchhikers
  8. Shark Tooth
  9. Shlump
  10. Slush Bunnies
  11. Slush Puppies
  12. Slush Turtles
  13. Snirt
  14. Snow Boogers
  15. Snow Cuds
  16. Snow Goblins
  17. Snow Turds
  18. Tire Snot
  19. Toe Kickers

While the names are funny, snow goblins can actually make your car harder to steer and dangerously prevent your vehicle from turning. Excessive snow can interfere with the way the automobile's suspension is designed to work and lead to an accident. So go ahead, kick away at those snow turds.

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