I'm usually not one to ruminate about how technology has advanced in my lifetime.  Sure I'm disappointed there are no jet packs or flying cars as I had hoped in the 60s and 70s.  Technology went another way and created a more computer and appliance brand of conveniences with phones, etc.which has allowed for other conveniences we didn't foresee like online shopping and delivery.

Obviously we can point to companies like Amazon who base their success on this business model.  Then there are other sectors of commerce like grocery stores that have taken advantage of technology.  At Meijer, as we know,  you can order all your groceries online and either pick them up or have them delivered.  And now there's talk that Walmart may go a step further and deliver AND stock your fridge and pantry even if you're not home.  Sound familiar?  Remember when Amazon proposed the same thing?  The question is: Do you want strangers from Walmart in your home when you not there?  Do even want strangers from Walmart in your home when you ARE there?


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