Since I'm unable to enter contests on The Rocker, no matter how many fake names I use, I can only imagine how hard it is to get through to be caller 10 and qualify to win the Rocker Garage.  More specifically, win everything inside the virtual Rocker Garage.  Those who's opinions I trust have said that this is the best Rocker Garage in history.  Granted, 4 years is a small sample size but nevertheless.

This is why we schedule live events so you can simply drive to the location we're at and literally put your name in the drawing.  And 4/14/18 is one of those opportunities as I broadcast live from Gale's True Value Hardware on Stadium Drive and Rambling Road.  Not only will you guarantee your name is in the drawing on may 25th, Gale's is having a customer appreciation party to go along with it.  So make sure you stop between 11am and 1pm to make sure you've got a shot at everything in this year's Rocker Garage.  To check out the list and the pictures click HERE.

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