The Detroit Lions are looking for a new coach and also looking to take that next step to a Division title and Super Bowl.  As the season concluded, their opponents for next season have been set.

According to The Detroit Lions website,  their list of opponents are set for the 2018 season.  They missed the playoffs this year at 9-7. In order to be considered contenders next season, here are 5 games the Lions need to win to be right there for the playoffs next year.

Carolina- The Lions lost to the Panthers this year and if they want to make the playoffs Cam Newton and the Panthers are a team they need to beat to at least have a chance.

Minnesota-  The Lions split with the Vikings this season.  If the Lions want to win the NFC North they will have to show up and try to win both games against their divisional opponent.

Buffalo- The Bills are a playoff team this season and it is games like this that the Lions should not overlook.   Another game that would help them toward a playoff run next season.

Los Angeles Rams- You want to be one of the top teams you have to beat the top teams.   The Rams had one of the better records in the NFC this year.

New England- If the Lions could get the win over the Patriots it would help in proving they can beat teams with winning records.

They first need a new coach but wining these five games next season would go along way into helping the Lions get past the under achieving team from this season.

The official schedule will be released by The NFL in April.

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