For many residents who make their way into Flint for the first time, one of the most recognizable landmarks is the weather ball that sits on top of the Huntington Bank building. For current residents, it's a landmark that they've grown to love and identify with the city. The thing is seriously huge and has been since it was first lit up back on August 30, 1956. The tower itself has gone through some serious changes since it first went up.

Recently a photographer was finally able to capture the most Lansing eclipse there could be, a Weather Ball Lunar Eclipse. Apparently this is something he was trying to accomplish for years and the stars, or moon, finally aligned, as he posted the photo on Facebook:
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FINALLY!!! After years of trying, factors of astronomy, meteorology and geometry aligned and I was at last able to capture a "Weatherball Lunar Eclipse"!!! WHY did I want to get this picture so badly for so long?
Uh...I dunno. I'm just weird, I guess. But dammit I DID it and I'm freakin' happy about it so don't be a buzzkill!!
This seemed to catch a lot of people by surprise, as someone pointed out, the fact nobody thought to this before is pretty shocking:
Do you mean to tell me… by the way it’s awesome, that that MF’n CB ball has been up there since… checks internet, 1956 and no one figured this out or had the stamina to do this before? Haha that is awesome regardless.
Someone even suggested they send this in to NASA, for the "Astronomy Picture of the Day"

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