Claressa Shields was dealt her first loss as an MMA fighter Wednesday night after losing to Abigail Montes in a split decision.

There was no title belt at stake with the fight, but it was billed as the showcase fight for the finale of the PFL season. Shields came into the fight with only one MMA fight under her belt. Montes has a bit more experience with 2 fights before getting into the ring with Shields.

The fight was close, but two out of the three judges had Montes the winner with identical 29-28 scorecards. This marks the first time that Claressa Shields has lost a fight since turning pro.

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I'm no fight analyst, but it was pretty obvious that Shields is still a little uncomfortable fighting from the ground. Once Montes was able to get Shields on her back, she took the opportunity to rack up the points needed to win the decision.

What happened after the fight?

There was a lot of hype leading up to the fight, and not all of it had to do with the fight itself. Shields was gracious after her loss, and congratulated Montes on her victory.

The fireworks after the fight came from Jake Paul, who had been beefing with Shields in the weeks leading up to the fight. Shields has made no qualms about telling the world that she would crush Jake Paul in a boxing match, and I think she's 100% accurate. Paul took the loss as a chance to take another jab at Shields on Twitter.

What's next for Shields?

There is no MMA bout scheduled for Shields, but she does have a date back in the boxing ring. Right now Claressa Shields will defending her middleweight championship belt on December 11th against Ema Kozin.

There are two fights that every Claressa Shields fan is waiting to hear more details about. First is the long awaited rematch with Savannah Marshall, who happens to be the only person to beat Shields in the boxing ring. They met as amateurs way back in 2012.

The second fight will probably never happen, but I know we all want to see Shields knock some sense into Jake Paul.

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