This time on Food Trippin’ in the Mitten: It’s a pizza party at Mitten Pizza in Middleville. Opened in 2016, Mitten Pizza is nestled in Michigan’s beautiful Gun Lake & Yankee Springs area in Barry County. They’ve quickly gathered a large following for their special, and in some cases, enormous pizza pies. Customer service is an understatement here. They want you to have an experience you’ll remember.

Their 'Mitten Favorites' include the massive 8 pound Sinking Ship pizza, the Suit & Tie, and the Aloha Pizza. These are all featured in the video so you can see how they get put together.

The Sinking Ship at Mitten Pizza
The Sinking Ship (Courtesy Mitten Pizza)

Families can come out summer nights on Saturdays to enjoy pizza popcorn and a movie on their big screen behind the building where they show family friendly movie classics. They also carry Hudsonville Ice Cream if you want to cool off with some frozen custard. And to honor our heroes, they have discounts for military, law enforcement, fire and EMT on Wednesdays.

Mitten Pizza's goes above and have developed a customer base that continues to grow quickly and has become a prime pick for pizza in Middleville and across the region.

Like them on Facebook at Mitten Pizza.

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