Not every supergroup has been able to sustain the lasting appeal of Cream or Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. The following list shows how many of these acts have been forgotten over the years.

For every Asia or Bad English that managed to reach, or even exceed, the commercial success of their members' earlier work, there are seemingly dozens that never got beyond a single album and tour cycle. This was often due to personality conflicts within the band or a record that simply failed to capture the public's imagination. Sometimes these were simply side projects – never intended for a long reign – where members of one or more previously famous bands decided to moonlight with other musicians, perhaps to explore different styles of music then they performed with their main group.

Perhaps most frequently these forgotten supergroups formed when two or more former members of other famous acts decide to hitch their wagons to each other to climb back up rock's mountain of fame.

Whether these musicians left their original group because of personality conflicts, a desire to lead their band or even due to the death of a former bandmate, they often find that it is difficult for the public to accept them under a new moniker.

In some cases, the supergroup's short tenure was by design. This below list includes one-off performances by members of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, a Rush-fronted collection of Canadian stars who recorded one song for a movie and a Guns N' Roses-Metallica-Skid Row aggregation that was put together for a party we wish we had attended.

Rock's Forgotten Supergroups

Here's a rundown of would-be supergroups that the world at large has forgotten over the years.

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