Pavel Datsyuk won't be the only former Red Wings player to be at the Winter Olympics in South Korea.    Jan Mursak will be among the players going for the gold in 2018.

According to NBC Olympics, Mursak will be one of the leaders for the team from Slovenia.

Jan Mursak currently is playing in Sweden but at one time he was a member of the Grand Rapids Griffins during the 2008-2011 seasons.   He also saw some time with the Red Wings in 2010 thru 2013.

Although he didn't play many games with the Red Wings,his debut in 2010 was notable as he became the second only player to play in the NHL from Slovenia.   The first player from Slovenia being Anze Kopitar from the L.A. Kings.

His Slovenia team will get a test right at the start of the tournament as they will play Team USA starting on February 14th at 7:10 a.m.

Check out the Full Schedules for the Hockey Tournament at the Winter Olympics here.

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