You may recall how sad I was to learn that Retro on Westnedge had closed its doors for good in early July. I had held out hope that maybe they were moving to a new location across town, that this latest bought of melancholy would be temporary. Alas, it would not be. That cool little storefront with its ever-changing selection of unique finds and they-don't-make-them-like-this-anymore treasures was, indeed, no more. But, wait... what's this? They did open a new store (*shrieks with excitement*)? It's in the UP (*repeatedly hits head on desk*)?

Yep! The minds behind Retro recently opened their latest haberdashery, CottageUP, in picturesque (and far) Saint Ignace, Michigan. Road trip, anyone? Judging from the photos on their Facebook page we're gonna need a LOT of trunk space. Although they are far from Kalamazoo, it's good to know that they are continuing to beautify Michigan homes. Congratulations, Bob and Tom! Good luck on your newest venture!

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