When Shipt came along with the idea of grocery delivery, I was a bit skeptical. I mean, unless you're a busy parent with small children who know how exhausting dragging toddlers on errands can be, or a person with limited mobility, do we really need this service? Nearly a year later, the idea of everything showing up on our doorstep is common place. But, I'll tell you... I wish these places delivered.

  • Eric Meier/TSM
    Eric Meier/TSM

    J. Gumbo's

    Tswhe need for Voodoo Chicken or Etouffee is, at times, overwhelming, but making your own roux can seem an impossible task when it's just you and you have no plans of getting out of your pajamas. This comfort food is so flavorful, so filling. And their cornbread? - one word: transcendent. It would be nice to put "some soul in (my) bowl" in a few clicks, not a few miles!

  • igorr1


    Setting up for a big party can be nerve-wracking enough without figuring out how you're getting the keg and two cases of wine home in your Smart Car. Wouldn't it be lovely to have that anniversary party, engagement party, or retirement party's alcohol needs delivered? It would certainly save a headache... however, headaches in the morning on you.

  • Les Cunliffe
    Les Cunliffe


    All too often I am confronted by a wrench in my DIY projects. Whether the part I bought doesn't fit, the nails I have are too long, or I'm going to need a different tool entirely to finish my project, it sure would be nice to make a quick call to Menards. I could move on to a different part of the project while I wait for my items to be delivered. I wouldn't be out any time! Especially when Pinterest promises it's an "easy weekend project." Not to mention you could ask them to throw in some cat food and fleece lined jeans in a size 30-32. That store has everything.

  • Blackregis


    Sure, I could go on Blamazon and have every game ever made (plus expansions) delivered to my doorstep, but I'd like to help out my local gaming institution, Fanfare, when I have that insomnia induced shopping spree that results in me buying yet another board game and a bag of glow-in-the-dark zombies, just to add them to my collection. When it's super rainy, and the "I don't know, what do you wanna do"s are stressing you out, a knock on the door from Fanfare would be a wonderful surprise.

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