One of the geekiest television shows of all time, Mystery Science Theater 3000, is coming to Miller Auditorium, October 1st, and one of the geekiest stores in Kalamazoo, Fanfare wants you to be there. Fanfare is giving away a pair of tickets to the show. All you have to do is Like, Share, and Comment on their Mystery Science Theater 3000 Facebook post before Monday, September 16th. One winner will be selected at random. Tickets cannot be transferred, so the winner better have October 1st free to witness the amazingness. Fanfare will announce the winner on a Facebook post Monday morning, so make sure you are obsessively refreshing their page until you find out if you're the luckiest person in Lucky Person Land. Also, the winner must direct message Fanfare up on discovering their win so pertinent information can be exchanged.

Good luck, geeks!

Bonus Video: Best of MST3K: Space Mutiny

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