This is something really cool, and unique... and I'm gonna stick by that. For those familiar with Metallica's "S&M" concerts, they performed with the San Francisco Symphony and Orchestra twice. And both performances have become two of the most legendary shows from Metallica in their history.

But to our knowledge, it's only ever been done with Metallica and other metal bands. Emo band Hawthorne Heights is looking to change that, and bringing their own "Emo Orchestra" to Kalamazoo.

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I grew up in the emo era. The Warped Tour was a bucket list show that sadly I never got to attend. But all the bands I followed and listened to were on the bill every year.

For those unfamiliar with the genre of music, "Emo" is short for "Emotional," and often contains confessional and deeply personal lyrics in the style of punk, hardcore, and post-hardcore music.

Some of the most popular bands include Silverstein, Story of the Year, The Used, and Underoath, who are all still enjoying relatively successful careers post-emo era. But by far, one of the most recognizable band names has to be Hawthorne Heights.

Unfortunately, they're out of Ohio, but we won't hold that against them. WILDLY popular with their first two records in 2004 and 2006, including their biggest hits "Ohio is for Lovers," "Niki FM," and "Saying Sorry."

But over time, the music needed to evolve, so Hawthorne Heights is doing something no other Emo band has done yet, and bringing an orchestra out on the road with them.

"For emo music lovers and orchestra aficionados alike, Emo Orchestra is a new live experience that brings some of the most beloved emo songs of your youth to the theater stage with a full orchestra arrangement."

Hawthorne Heights is the centerpiece of the whole thing, and of course, they'll play their biggest hits, but also some of the emo hits from other bands like My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, and AFI.

The show in Kalamazoo is Oct. 28th at Miller auditorium, You can get tickets through their website. And once you've done that, break out the flat iron, the black eye liner, nail polish, and long sleeves with holes cut out for your thumbs.

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