American Idol contestant Caleb Johnson is literally living out a dream as the new frontman for Metaloaf's band, BAT, which will be coming to the Miller Auditorium in Kalamazoo on September 30th. Meatloaf's passing in early 2022 came as a huge shock to the Rock world, but his legacy continues and his band has found a very suitable replacement in Johnson. Caleb won the 13th season of American Idol. Prior to appearing in the series, he was the frontman for the band Elijah Hooker. BAT is the only official show that was endorsed by Meatloaf and features his band The Neverland Express:

The Neverland Express includes world-class alumni of Meat Loaf's official band. Led by his Record Producer, Music Director, Guitarist, Paul Crook with drummer, John Miceli, guitarist, Randy Flowers, and lead vocalist, Lyssa Lynne, the band stays true to the original recordings while delivering the excitement of a live Meat Loaf show. In addition to a #1 album and touring with some of the biggest names in rock, Caleb Johnson delivers his own unique stamp to such classics as “Bat Out of Hell”, “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” and “I Would Do Anything For Love” while staying true to the essence of Meat Loaf’s delivery.   

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Show At The Miller

The show is Friday, September 30th, and discounted tickets can be purchased here. The band will be performing 'Bat Out of Hell' in Its Entirety and tickets run from $25 to $43. This is the only show of theirs near Michigan, the closest being their next show in Wisconsin.

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