If you've ever been to the casino in New Buffalo, no doubt you remember the drive in. The road, more than a mile long, snakes back and forth, forth and back and it takes forever to get to the parking lot. The question is not "do I hit on 15?," it is "why is the driveway to Four Winds Casino so long?"

Is it to deter speeders? To protect wildlife? Maybe it is supposed to be a river. The question was posed recently in a closed Facebook group.

Do you all ever wonder wth They were thinking when they built the road going into to Fourwinds New Buffalo? there is a meaning to that road...do you know the story ? [sic]


Members had several theories about the long and winding road, among them the idea that the road was intentionally built to test the motor skills of drunks behind the wheel or to slow down a getaway driver who robbed the joint. Were they going to build a golf course? Many love seeing the deer, wild turkeys, turtles and occasional sandhill cranes on the drive in and think the slower speeds protect the wildlife and some have heard that the bends are supposed to represent a river.

This appears to be the definitive answer: "It was eventually going to be a 36 hole golf course with 18 holes on each side of the entrance road bordering it all the way in resembling a river dividing each course. A few years later they got away from that idea with all the other golf courses in the area but it’s still in the discussion."

So, it seems there was a method to their madness and at some point, gamblers may be able to bet on sinking a putt at Four Winds as well as betting on black.

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