Quarantine has become too close for comfort for some couples and created conflict. A Michigan attorney is giving away a free divorce just before Valentine's Day.

Relationships can be tough to navigate and the Coronavirus has made it even more difficult. AARP reports the obvious when they say,

The pandemic has put marriages under significant pressure as couples struggle to navigate financial hardships, lack of privacy, stress over medical concerns, and family and professional worries.

Existing problems that have not been addressed continue to fester and new issues crop up as close quarters can shorten tempers. In some cases, the kids are at home too and that creates its own set of challenges and sometimes the often unbalanced workload of household chores increases with more cooking and meal preparation happening. Add the work from home experience, which for some, means never leaving the home and this can create tension. We're finding out that there may be a lot of truth to the aphorism "Absence makes the heart grown fonder."

For couples who have exhausted all their options and are at the end of their rope, divorce can still be a financial challenge. Enter Goldman & Associaltes. The Troy law firm is offering their services to one deserving(?) Michigan pair who are on the outs and want to make the split legal.

We’re always giving back to the community and since COVID-19 is something we’ve never experienced before, we wanted to do something different as well and we feel we can help someone who normally wouldn’t be able to maybe afford the legal fees.

-Goldman & Associates to clickondetroit

The law firm is taking entries via email at divorcegiveaway@gmail.com and will select a "winner" just before Valentine's Day.

Q: Why is divorce so expensive?

A: Because it's worth it.

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Posted by Michigan Attorneys - Goldman & Associates on Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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