It's that time of year again time to break out your favorite ORV and ride in Michigan without a license.

According to Michigan Department of Natural Resources, this Saturday and Sunday is the second free ORV weekend in Michigan.

That means that residents and non-residents can ride ORV's in Michigan on designated DNR routes without a license or permit.

There are lots of trails through out the state that you can ride and you will also have access to the five scramble areas that feature Silver Lake State Park, Bull Gap, The Mounds and others.

If you don't own a license this is a great time to get out and not only see the many trails and areas you can ride, but also decide if you want a license for the season.

A great weekend to get out and try it for yourself. Just remember if you ride at all this weekend regular rules still apply.

For more information on this weekend and on areas you can ride check out Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

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