It has become part of American life.  Going to a Sam's Club, a Costco even Meijer and taking advantage of free samples.  On a good day you can replace lunch stopping by both stores and if you're clever, you can double up at the same store!  I may be wrong but I don't think the free sample menu has ever offered steak; and not just any steak.  We're talking USDA Prime Tenderloin, Strip, Sirloin and Ribeye.

In an article on, we found out that Sam's Club is now carrying all of that USDA Prime beef and have been giving it away every Saturday this month.  So your last chance is this Saturday.  Apparently, this quality of meat isn't usually found in stores like this.  Most of the time you can only get it at high-end restaurants.  But this weekend you can get it for FREE!  Even if it's part of the sample selection.  Check out more details by clicking HERE.



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