Are we at a point where we are obsessing too much about young people and their dependance on their cell phones?  Has that dependance become an obsession?  From my point of view, it has become a social crutch whereby the phone replaces the need for human interaction.  Of course this "extension of self" is not limited to this particular area nor is it limited to just the younger generation.  I've seen people in their 60s constantly glued to their phone.

The question for this purpose is: Are cellphones a distraction and possibly a hindrance to learning in our schools?  According to an article on, there is one Michigan school district that thinks that is exactly the case.  The Saginaw School District now requires students to place their cell phones in secured areas till the end of the day.  And, yes, it's the result of lower test scores and students performing below grade level.  So, will Kalamazoo and other area school districts follow suit?  Get more of the story by clicking HERE.

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