There are major flood warnings in place for the St. Clair River in southeast Michigan due to ice blocking the flow of the water.

The St Clair River is a critical part of the Great Lakes system being the outflow of Lake Huron and part of the system of rivers and lakes, including Lake St Clair and the Detroit River, that connect to Lake Erie. January of 2018's cold snap brought the river to a freezing halt with clogging ice.

The video below is from Marine City. One commenter on the PortHuronMi Facebook summed it up well:  Nature is beautifully scary!

The National Weather Service warns,

Multiple roadways have been impacted by flooding near the St Clair
River. Many homes and structures continue to be threatened by water
near the reported flooding. The current flooding is due to an ice
blockage on the St Clair River. Conditions will remain favorable for
ice blockages into Sunday.

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