When will it end? You might have to start riding your horse drawn carriages again to get places, because these gas prices in Michigan are just too much!

According to Pump Pal, the folks who track and compare area gas prices in 1916, the cost of a gallon of gas increased one penny today. Don't you just love those unexpected price hikes at the pump? Gas is now 22 cents per gallon. To put this in perspective, it is double what we were paying one year ago at 11 cents, a 100% increase. That's right. We could be heading toward 30 cent gas folks. You heard it here first.

It sure feels like some gouging is going on. They're literally going to nickel and dime us to death here. Oh sure, they'll blame the jump in prices on this World War or the Germans, or something. Blah blah blah... Oh well, at least someone fills the tank for you now at the gas station, unlike when these motor vehicles first came around and we had to fetch it for ourselves.

Other than these ridiculous gas prices, automobiles are great. Well, except for the roads here in Michigan. Although it is a certainty that since motor vehicles haven't been around very long, the roads we use to drive them on will catch up in quality. In the distant future... oh, let's say 100 years from now, roads will be perfect and if cars aren't flying by then, it will be a smooth ride everywhere you go.

But until then... I guess we will have to deal high gas prices and bad roads.



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