Brian Colopy stopped by the Rocker Morning Show to get us ready for The Kalamazoo Growlers 2016 season at Homer-Stryker Field.  On Memorial Day, check out the Home Run Derby against the Battle Creek Bombers.  It's free to get in and concessions will be open.  The next day is the season opener and later next week the first weekend against the Bombers.

The Growlers do a great job making a ballgame an "entertainment experience" for all ages including the "Home Plate Club" which is perfect for me.  Best seats in the park with food & drink service.  Now that's fun at the old ball park.

Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

And before you think these are just a bunch of no-name, former high school bench-warmers, remember that former league players include Jordan Zimmermann, Curtis Granderson, Max Scherzer and Chris Sale.  Get all the details on the 2016 season by clicking HERE.