Surely, in the past few years, you've seen "Momma Duck" before. She's hard to miss.

"Momma Duck" is 1500 pounds of Rubber Ducky, and she's making stops on the Great Lakes this summer, making them the world's Largest Bathtubs... if only for a few days at a time.

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I say she'll turn the Great Lakes into the Largest Bathtubs in the world, but maybe I should clarify that, and say the Largest "Freshwater" Bathtubs in the world.

Momma Duck has literally been sailing around the world, with appearances in almost every continent. Her debut was in 2014 in Los Angeles, but since then, she's traveled to Europe, Asia, South America, and multiple stops around the U.S.

This month, you'll be able to see the world's largest Rubber Duck in Marquette, MI for the Festival of Sail - Marquette. But it's not her first stop in Michigan this year. Last month, she made a stop for the Festival of Sail - Alpena in Thunder Bay on Lake Huron. Since then, made a quick trip up to Lake Superior, to Two Harbors Minnesota (where she's at this week), and then August 12-14th, she'll be in Marquette.

Words can't convey how excited I am to see this thing. I thought the Giant Ducky was a goner before, because she ripped and sank in Taiwan. But... she's a fighter.

Also, just have to point out, "Momma Duck" is owned by a man named "Craig Samborski," who's literal job title is... "Inflatable Duck Owner."


If this job doesn't work out for me, I know what I want to do next.

The Festival of Sail - Marquette is August 12-14 in Marquette in the Upper Peninsula.

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