They say imitation is the highest form of flattery... but sometimes, it's not. ESPECIALLY, when you straight-up rip-off someone's design that has been in place for DECADES!

One of the most iconic, clean, and simple basketball jerseys in the game - the Michigan Wolverines - is being cloned as a Golden State Warriors jersey.

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With the NBA season ramping up in just a few months, teams are now publishing their intentions for the next year. Many are posting updates on rookie progress, what their players are doing on vacation still, and any moves being made in the front office, or on coaching staffs.

They're also posting about their upcoming looks for the season. Recently, the Detroit Pistons made it known they were taking their alternative jerseys BACK to the Past, and giving us the "Teal" deal again!

Apparently, Golden State wanted to follow suit, and make their alternative jerseys a throwback, too... just... not their own. Take a look at their "Statement Edition" alternative uniforms:  

Looks familiar? It should.

For Jordan Poole, it won't be much of a change, as he's a Wolverine Alumni. BUT, former Michigan State Spartan Draymond Green might have something to say about donning (essentially) the Blue and Maize uni.

I've seen a few arguments, saying it ISN'T a direct rip-off, with slight, subtle differences (mostly it says "Warriors" and not "Wolverines.") But it's all basically the Vanilla Ice defense....


What do you think, the Warriors rip off U of M, or is it "not the same?"

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