Circle pits are fun, but on a hot day wouldn't it be nice to not expend so much energy and let a golf cart do all the work for you? That's what happened over the weekend at the 2021 Full Terror Assault festival where audience members participated in a golf cart circle pit.

The footage was shared by Exodus guitarist Gary Holt, who seemed as amused by the site as most will likely be upon seeing this latest advancement on moshing take place.

"So what don’t you see every day? A golf cart circle pit! Haha," stated Holt in his Instagram post below. "We were told about these such occurrences, but when we hadn’t seen one yet, by the time we played The Toxic Walt, it was also time to request one! Maybe they thought it was too crowded. NOT! Most fun epic, totally loose show we’ve played! Had some song hiccups here and there, but when it’s this fun, who the fuck cares!! @ftaopenair , it was an experience! Thanks! And look for the guy with the 12 pack carton in his head!"

As seen, four golf carts surrounded the moshpit area as moshers climbed aboard the adorned vehicles. It was a little tough tredding as being behind the wheel of a cart while actually making sure not to physically take out a stray mosher led to quite a few stops and starts. You can check it out below.

Exodus was part of the bill for the Saturday (Sept. 11) lineup during the event in Cave-in-Rock, Illinois. They were joined over the weekend by Misery Index, Weedeater, Black Tusk, Devourment, M.O.D., Nunslaughter and more. The group is currently building up to the release of their latest album, Persona Non Grata, which is expected to arrive on Nov. 19.

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