I can still remember the first time I tried Dragon's Milk.  I was at Craftsman Chop with friend and creator of Q-It-Up Brian Jennings trying to decide what beer to order and he suggested Dragon's Milk.  Well I'd never heard of it and one sip and I was hooked.  I've since developed other favorites but DM is always my fall back.  Recently, Brian turned me on to some rare Reserve and Triple Mash and now I can't wait for the next incarnation.

According to clickondetroit.com, the newest Dragon’s Milk Reserve from New Holland Brewing Co. features coconut, toasted hazelnut and chocolate.  Thankfully I love all those flavors and, in fact, had a coconut based brew at Latitude 42 sometime ago and enjoyed it very much.  This new concoction is the result of aging in Jamaican rum barrels so let the steel drums begin.  Unfortunately, we all have to wait until the 23rd of this month.

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