To kick off the year, Judas Priest singer and solo musician Rob Halford is celebrating 34 years of sobriety. The musician commemorated the occasion this week with a note of thanks to fans on his sober anniversary.

The rocker's steadfast sobriety has influenced other musicians along the way. In case of point, Five Finger Death Punch vocalist Ivan Moody has publicly credited the Judas Priest frontman along with Korn's Jonathan Davis for helping him amid his own struggles with alcohol addiction.

"Thank you for all the sober birthday love today maniacs," Halford shared on his official Facebook page Monday (Jan. 6) alongside an image of an Alcoholics Anonymous coin representing 34 years of sobriety. "You mean the world to me and a shout out to my brothers and sisters on the same journey. One Day At A Time." See the update down toward the bottom of this post.

In the photo, Halford displays the sobriety medallion in the palm of his left hand while making the sign of the horns hand gesture. Atop the image is the text, "34 years" and "To thine own self be true." The inspirational phrase, a noted AA expression, is also displayed on the chip itself.

Two years ago, the musician remembered the first time he performed sober after many years of drinking during gigs. Reliving the experience with Sammy Hagar on the former Van Halen singer's Rock and Roll Road Trip program, the "Metal God" noted that he felt "euphoric" during the performance.

“I walked onstage that night, and I was terrified, 'cause I hadn't been on stage without a drink for all those years as a performer,” Halford recalled. “But as soon as I started to perform, I felt something that I was never feeling before because I had nothing kind of getting in the way."

More recently, the Judas Priest singer celebrated the 2019 Christmas season with a solo album of holiday tunes called Celestial. However, according to Halford, there probably won't be any new Judas Priest music in 2020, although the group are currently working toward their next release.

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