I know we've all been a little testy lately, but you can't take it out on other people. I hope this video goes viral so the participants see how dumb they look.

I understand road rage. I think most of us have yelled something in the privacy of our own car at someone who has done something dumb on the road. But most of us get over it quickly and move on with our lives.

But sometimes the cranky pants we all wear from time to time spills out into the street. This is where it gets real. And dumb. Real dumb.

When you get out of your car, you back up traffic, you open yourself up to at best, a verbal lashing, and at worst, someone with a weapon.

This driver drove past a road rage scene on the west side at Lane and the interchange to the Ford Freeway. They caught it all on video. I defines the old adage 'Nobody's right if everybody's wrong."


Allow me to recap this for you:

Guy 1: "Pay a-(f***ing)-ttention!" (style points awarded here for inserting the whole f-word INTO another word!!!)

Guy 2: "I don't f-ing care, I'm in the f-ing passenger seat!!" (Really? You don't care? Yes, you do, or you wouldn't be yelling! It's best when emotions are running high to be honest with your feelings)

Guy 1: "Then what the f*** are you yelling at me for?!" (While this is a legitimate question, I think it's best to have some self reflection here, and admit the you started the yelling. Self-awareness is enlightenment, kids!)

Guy 2:  "Get out of the road, you f-ing moron!" (Name calling will never enable you to swing the argument in your favor. It only demonstrates your lack of compassion for another's point of view)

Well, there you have it, another afternoon of happy motoring on the wild west side.

When we learn that we all make mistakes and we all fall short of perfection that we will be able to advance as a species. That is called empathy, and it is what makes us human.

Until then, "GET OFF MY F-ING BUMPER, YOU IDIOT!" Wow. That felt good.

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