It's no secret we at The Rocker are big supporters of law enforcement and all first responders so it's only natural that when we hear about a story that shows deputies doing the extraordinary thing we want to pass it along.  We need to hear stories like this that represent the majority of what police officers do every day and not dwell on the bad things that seem to dominate the media.  Check out this story from the Sheriff's Office in Michigan's Isabella County Facebook page.

Joe Amon/Getty Images
Joe Amon/Getty Images

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Yesterday Isabella County Deputy Tyler Bradley who was off duty noticed several vehicles driving around a stopped vehicle on the southbound exit ramp from US-127 at M-20. Deputy Bradley stopped to see if the driver needed assistance. Deputy Bradley found the driver unresponsive and not breathing. The vehicle was still in drive and the driver was holding the brake. Deputy Bradley secured the vehicle, removed the patient and began CPR, while summoning medical responders. Mt Pleasant FD was not far away and clearing another incident and responded. Deputy Bradley continued to provide chest compression as an AED was attached to the patient. Deputy Bradley continued to assist responders during this process. Mobile Medical Response arrived and the patient was transported to Mid-Michigan Medical Center Emergency Department. Deputy Bradley’s quick action played a role in the patient regaining a pulse and respiration once at the hospital.

This event shows the dedication and service that I see here at the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office every day. As Sheriff I’m very proud to call Dpty. Bradley one of mine and one of yours Isabella County.


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