A question I have been asked multiple times is, who do you think is the greatest head coach ever in the history of MSU?

There could be many answers to this. There have been a lot of outstanding head coaches. Nick Saban doesn’t count because he left MSU before he turned into the greatest college head football coach ever.

Could it be Mark Dantonio? He is the winningest head football coach ever.

Could it be Tom Izzo? He won a National Championship in college hoop in 2000 and he’s in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Could it be Hugh Duffy Daugherty? He was head coach at MSU for 19 years and is the College Football Hall of Fame. He also won two national championships in 1965 and 1966.

Then there was Biggie Munn. His MSU 1952 football team won the national championship in college football.

And what about George Perles? He's an outstanding guy and solid coach. He won two Big Ten Championships.

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Now, the question asked about the "greatest" head coach, not the winningest. This is only my opinion. I feel it’s a tie between Tom Izzo and Duffy Daugherty because of their tenure. Both guys won a lot of games and national championships. Both are in Hall of Fames too.

So, who do you think is the greatest head coach in the history of MSU athletics? It’s about winning and other variables too.

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