Walter the cat is back in the latest Silverado commercial and his owner is wearing a green & white hockey sweater Michiganders will recognize. Victory for MSU!

A television commercial for the new Chevrolet Silverado ran during the NFL playoffs. Not only were the games some of the best in recent memory, but fans everywhere were also cheering for Walter the cat. Walter and his owner (honestly, though, does a cat like this really have an "owner"?) do all sorts of things you would expect to see a man doing with his dog.

Now, the cat is back as man's best friend in the latest Chevy ad, and this one also has a shout-out to Michigan State. Walter, meet Sparty. Sparty, this is Walter. How did MSU get the spot in the spotlight for this national ad campaign? Michigan State University's Scot Schlesinger told the Lansing State Journal,

A couple of my contacts over at GM got a hold of me and said they were filming a commercial with a winter theme, and they were going to have a pond hockey portion of it. They asked me if we'd be willing to join in with them. We value our partnership with GM. It's an incredible organization and we're very happy to be partners with them, so immediately I said, 'Yes, we'd love to do that.'

-Scot Schlesinger, Michigan State University Associate Athletics Director of Sales and Marketing

We can hope that Walter has nine lives and we get to see much more of him. Will he be back for the big game or the Olympics? If you haven't seen Walter in action yet, watch this right meow

h/t WFGR

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