Saturday night I had the chance to see Green Day's American Idiot at The Barn Theatre in Augusta.  A great show that I saw once before, but I was curious to see how the Barn would do with the show.

It was great. My wife and I thought the cast did a phenomenal job with the music and the story. The show features music from Green Day's American Idiot, it also features a few songs from the follow up, 21st Century Breakdown.  A few other odds and ends from the band show up in this show.

I know most rock fans are hesitant to see these types of shows but if you are a rock fan you will enjoy this show.  It features a band right on the stage.  Rocking out right along with the cast.   If you never have seen this show head to the Barn Theatre and catch it.  It runs through This Sunday, July 26.

They are also going to feature another great rock themed show, Rock Of Ages. It features many 80's rock classics. That starts up on Tuesday, July 28.

If you get the chance, see a show at the Barn Theatre in Augusta; a true gem in our area.

Photo by Mrs. Fly
Photo by Mrs. Fly



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