Alright.  Get chesty. wanted to know what the manliest thing you've ever done is... here are the best results:

1.  "I was rafting with friends, relaxing, smoking a cigar . . . when we saw a family in a canoe capsize.  I beached our raft, jumped into the water, and pulled the two little kids to safety.  I kept the cigar in my mouth the whole time, dry and burning nicely."

2.  "I used to play rugby on concrete."

3.  "I saw a Toyota Tercel get into a bad car accident.  The woman driving was stuck inside, while her two kids got out and were crying and screaming for their mom.  I managed to rip the car door off its hinges to get her out."

4.  "I stayed awake during a surgery because I wanted to watch."

5.  "I got punched in the face by a guy I knew I could destroy.  I didn't react at all for about 10 seconds, then calmly said, 'That's your one.'  He's still scared of me to this day."


So... brag a little... The Rocker Morning Show wants to know: what's the manliest thing you've ever done?