I have to admit that I'm not a "Game Geek" or a "Throne Drone".  I'm not on the "Dragon Wagon".  I have watched some episodes mostly for the sex and violence and do think that if I had started when it started I probably would have watched them all.  Maybe I'll get time someday to binge the show much like I did with "The Wire" last year which, by the way, wasn't as groundbreaking after 10 years.  Nevertheless, I can understand the loyalty to this show and all the hype of the final season.  Part of the hype, of course, is all the peripheral business opportunities that come with a show this successful.

One of those is the new Game Of Thrones whiskey.  According to clickondetroit.com, one of the greatest whiskey makers of all time Johnnie Walker has come out with a special edition concoction.  And wouldn't you know it, they thought of a really cool name.  We already have Johnnie Walker Red and Black.  Get ready for "White Walker Whiskey".  Now that is a bad ass idea.  Check out more information by clicking HERE.