It's always nice to hear something good has been done to help people out who are in need.  It's also nice to hear that another example of paying off school lunch debts has occurred in our area.  And it's even better to know that it came from the extended WRKR family.

Collin Rose lost his life in the line of duty a few years ago and all of us here at WRKR felt the loss because his mother Karen was one of our co-workers.  Karen and Randy Rose are good people who have to live with this tragedy but knowing who they are and how well they did to raise such an exceptional human being, I'm not surprised this is one of the things they did on behalf of the Colin Rose Memorial Foundation.  In all the foundation donated $3,501.28 to zero out negative balances of nearly 600 student lunch accounts.  We know first hand how many kids and their families struggle with food insecurity.  For more information, check out the foundations website by clicking HERE.

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