Another is a series of changes or improvements has come to the Gull Road near Sprinkle area of Kalamazoo.

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The building that housed the Old National Bank Building and prior to that several other banks including Standard Federal has been razed. Standard Federal at one time was the second largest bank in Michigan before being absorbed itself in a acquisition.

Maybe the name meant more in Evansville, Indiana, where Old National was from, but it always seemed like a negative-sounding name to those of us who didn't have a connection to its history (Whereas, Fifth/Third is odd, but cute in a quaint way.)

So what's new?

So as of Thursday, March 3rd, 2022, the Old National building on Gull Road is no more. But that intersection is prime real estate. So, what's going to replace it? While to most people reading this, their first reaction is going to be "either a pot shop, a credit union or a dollar store"; after making a few phone calls, it likely is going to be an oil change place. No details yet, but as the weather gets warmer, we should know which chain it is with. With the addition of Drive and Shine to the neighborhood last year, this would make it the third or fourth oil change place if you count Walmart.

More changes

In the process of making calls, I also learned some other things. The signage has been up, but some soil quality work still needs to be done before Kalsee Credit Union builds in front of Menards, where the Mobil gasoline station and Gull Road Automotive were located. And don't be surprised if you see a reopening of the Gull Road Tavern, soon. And back out by G Avenue, there could be some new housing options being built.

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