The Casino is not bound by Governor Whitmer's continued ban on restaurants, so it will have dining and bar services up and running as well.

Gun Lake Casino in Wayland is slated to reopen its bars and restaurants Friday, January 15, according to WZZM-13. While Governor Whitmer has postponed the reopening of restaurants state wide, the Casino is on tribal land and not bound by the order.

The casino's Sandhill Cafe will reopen at 11:00am Friday, and the Harvest Cafe will reopen at 1:00pm. Minors will NOT be allowed to dine.

And while we're on the subject of casinos, online sports gambling is set to go live this week, or next week, with Michigan Gaming Commissioner Richard Kalm saying the start will be "anytime between the 12th and 19th this month, we will know who's going to launch. Then, it'll take them a few days to do their testing and make sure everything works before they do a go live."

Way to be vague there, Richard.


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