I could not resist. The jackpot was too big. A whopping $625,000,000 was up for grabs and I had to do it. Now I don't play the Michigan Mega Millions enough to have a lucky set of numbers or numbers that correspond to a series of birthdays or an anniversary, I just do the easy picks and let the numbers fall where they may.

Of course that doesn't stop me from daydreaming about hitting it big. Of course I'm never optimistic on these things as a matter of fact I thought to myself with my luck, 6 million other people would have the same numbers and I would have to split the winnings 6 million ways.

But what if I did win? What if you won? Would you know what to do next? Not a lot of people would so I thought it wise to look up next steps in the event you win any monster lottery drawing.

First piece of advice is to get a good financial advisor. Preferably one that comes on the advice of a friend or relative. The financial advisor can walk you through the taxes, and other financial problems that are going to come along with such a windfall. You certainly don't want to start pulling the trigger on finances until you've come up with a sound plan.

Secondly its best to keep yourself anonymous so as to attract every person on the planet coming forth asking for handouts and filing frivolous lawsuits. EVERYONE will be after every bit of your money - beware.

Remain living within your means so as to allow the money enough time to go to work for you so you have more money coming in down the road. Ask any former lottery winner who was forced to file for bankruptcy shortly after winning because of lavish and careless spending and not having a sound financial plan in order to keep their money.

Tell your boos to kiss your butt - Now a lot of people will say don't quit your job but I say why spend another minute of your life wasting away at a gig you hate. Pick up a few enjoyable hobbies (other than gambling...lol) and start enjoying life.

Did I forget to mention you will need to share your windfall wit me?  I know...I don't blame you. I'm not going to share any of the $2 or $3 I win tonight with you so lets just call it even.

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