Today is the 70th birthday of the release of the 45 RPM record.   My earliest memories of music featured many classic songs on 45.  

I personally have quite a few 45's that I have collected over the years.  How many exactly I have no idea.

It started in 1981 when  I bought the Oak Ridge Boys song, "Elvira".   I would listen to that record over and over for years.   My first actual rock record would be the 45 of Styx's, "Mr. Roboto" with the song, "Snowblind" as the b-side.

Over the years I"ve bought as well as received a few 45's as gifts.  I was also lucky enough to have been given my aunts collection.  This collection featured 45's from the late 50's.  It included classics from Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Buddy Holly among others.

I was lucky enough to inherit a few 45's from my college radio days at Lansing Community College.   Many of these 45's were used on air back in the mid 80's.

My newest 45 is the recent Led Zeppelin record store day release from last year.  If I had to pick a favorite, other than my Pearl Jam fan club singles, it would be Van Halen and the "Jump" single.   I always liked the album cover of "1984" and that is featured on the single.

I have always enjoyed my 45's I have just had a hard time getting back into them.  It is always a great feeling spinning the black circle.   Do you have a favorite 45?



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