Head on out to Hartford Speedway in Hartford Michigan for their season opener this Friday, April 20th. Known for being the widest 3/8-mile track in Michigan, this hidden speedway brings fun and cheers to Southwest Michigan residents every Friday night of the summer. Depending on the weather, some races may get rescheduled, but fear not because Hartford speedway races go on until early October. 

Nights To Look Out For 

While the entirety of the season doesn’t disappoint, as a long-time visitor of this track there are a few nights one should look out for.  

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Opening Day: Though I haven’t heard anything announcing any special circumstances or events, opening night is always a big one. With the return of the season, a show is set in place to entertain the local visitors. Friday May 20th at 7:30pm.

Fourth of July: For obvious reasons, this date is guaranteed to be a show. Not only is this the cheapest date on the schedule, but who doesn’t love fireworks? Friday July 1st at 7:30pm.

All Star Challenge Night: This night amps up the competition levels, everyone is determined to be the winner of All Star Night, you don’t want to miss this show. Friday August 12th at 7:30pm.

Hartford Speedway is open to all visitors, is handicapped friendly, and guaranteed to entertain the family. Be sure to look online at the Hartford Speedway website for a detailed schedule of their 2022 season. Not only do they specify the type of racing for each designated night, but the price adjustment along with the specialized races. Perhaps their busiest (and most expensive) nights are NIGHT OF DESTRUCTION, but who wouldn’t spend a few extra dollars to see things get run over and totaled? 

Tip: Be sure to bring goggles or ear plugs with you. Though you can find both of these at the track, it is always better to be prepared. While your ears may get used to the revving of the engines, your eyes quickly get irritated from the dust that settles or flies in the air so if you have to choose, bring goggles. 

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