We've all been there. You've barely crawled out of bed and you're already dreading the commute to your job. As you pour your coffee, your mind automatically goes into "How do I get through this day" mode. Your mind is consumed with nothing but how to find another source of income but thanks to Covid-19 your options are extremely limited not to mention opportunities are few and far between.

So while you're waiting it out for a better way of life post Coronavirus, here are a few ways to cope with your current miserable circumstances.

Try to learn as many new skills as you can where you are currently at. Check to see if your current employer offers any on-line programs to learn new systems or skills. Keep in mind you're not learning those skills to remain miserable but because it might surprise you that some of those skills might come in handy after you move on. Even if they don't, it will still keep your mind occupied and challenged as you slug through a daily existence of dread.

Don't slack in your efforts to pursue the job or skill that you truly want. It's easy to fall into a "I give up" mode, especially when you're extremely unhappy. Do your best to keep your self motivated in getting the resume's out, researching new job leads, and building your network of contacts. Trust me, it'll pay off and you'll be glad you did.

This is not real comforting but its true. Job stress is far more preferable to the financial stress that comes without a paycheck. Remind yourself everyday that the job might not be ideal but it helps pay the bills in the interim and you won't be stuck in your current miserable state forever.

There are plenty more resources you can check out to help. In the meantime, hang out with positive people, get a few laughs from some funny movies and TV shows and before you know it - all will be good!

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