Discover the haunted history of Kalamazoo by the authors of the book Haunted History of Kalamazoo! Two tour dates have been announced for September 2018; Saturday the 8th and Saturday the 29th. The two-hour paranormal tour is only $10 per person which makes for an interesting date idea or a way to shake up your ladies-night-out. Purchase tickets in advance; the tours sell out quickly.

Each tour begins at 8:00pm at Bronson Park and will take you to meet the ghost of Thelma (a spirit that supposedly haunts the Civic Theatre), learn about the dark past of Bronson Park, hear the story of the music legend said to roam the Radisson, and many other locations along the way. Tour ends at 10:00pm, returning tourists to Bronson Park. Want more info? Click here!

Bonus Video: Behind the Scenes at Historic Henderson Castle

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